Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Book of Ely

Of late, the great debate
Regards the life and fate
Of Ely’s airport gate,
Which serves the Silver State.

The good old FAA
Has programs to defray
The cash one needs to pay
To fly the Ely way.

So daily, six or eight,
Will fly from Vegas straight
To Ely’s airport gate,
At quite a discount rate.

Indeed, you heard that right:
Just six or eight, despite
The four-grand underwrite,
Will daily use the site.

The hateful GOP
Would end that subsidy,
But Ely’s odd trustee,
H. Reid would not agree.

Since Harry couldn’t stand
The cuts the House had planned,
The FAA has canned
Four thousand, out of hand.

It makes the sane berserk:
Four thousand out of work
Because Nevada’s jerk
Would not give up his perk.

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