Monday, August 1, 2011

The Bogeyman on the Balcony

I see him clearly in the trees.
I see him hanging from the frieze.
He lurks on Truman’s Balcony,
And comes at night to pester me.

I see him in the Briefing Room:
He causes economic doom.
I see him in the Colonnade,
Destroying balance in our trade.

When unemployment starts to rise,
I see my ghoul in disguise.
He causes plunging GDP,
And sends his minions after me.

The West Wing was his favorite haunt,
Preceding Eric Cantor’s taunt.
He often flies out from his tomb
To haunt me in the Treaty Room.

Within the deficit debate
I see his awkward, hellish gait.
And when we speak of revenue
He hovers in my field of view.

The cause of all that troubles me
Is named, of course, Bush Forty-Three.
He haunts me day and night anew:
My bogeyman is ‘W’.

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