Thursday, August 25, 2011

American Acceptionalism

Joe Biden is the type of man
Who goes to China and Japan,
And has the nicest things to say
To Asians with the cash to pay
For debt that’s rated double-A.

His sole concern was making sure
That China won’t be premature
In selling off the worth-less notes
On which the US market floats –  
Until Obama has his votes.

And leave it up to Uncle Joe
To demonstrate how far he’d go
To guarantee yuan and fen
Will flow until the current men
Have won the White House once again.

He let them know we understand
Why China’s parents have been banned
From having families that exceed
The single child that they need
To gather rice on which to feed.

So Uncle Joe will now accept
The tears of parents who have wept
From forced abortions and the knife
Which sterilizes man and wife,
And perforates their way of life.

But what small price to pay for Joe,
Who went to let the commies know
The Biden and Obama team
Won’t second guess the mad regime –
If money flows to fund their dream.

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  1. Pathetic is the nicest thing I can say about these people.