Saturday, August 20, 2011

Alien Adventures

Oh, I believe in aliens,
Though none I’ve ever seen;
But I believe they fly about
And watch o’er my routine.

I tell my darling little boys
To always eat their peas,
Or aliens will come at night
And give their heads a squeeze.

I give advice to all my peers
To mend their evil ways:
Sell off the carbon-belching cars
That cause the summer haze.

If aliens see ocean tides
And seas begin to rise,
Or global warming ticking up,
They’ll cut us down to size.

So I’ve invested in a car
That runs on batteries.
I’ve bought a solar panel farm,
And planted fifty trees.

Please don’t deny that aliens
Or climate change is true:
They’ll circle all your crops at night
And then they’ll come for you.

I don’t believe in God above;
I’m waiting for some proof.
But aliens and such are real –
And now they’re on the roof!

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