Monday, July 11, 2011

Why Would the Teachers?

With apologies to Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe, authors of Why Can’t the English?

Why would the teachers down in Georgia stoop to cheat?
And when they chose to do so, why not be more discreet?
Since their jobs depended on the scores the kids could meet,
Those modern educators – chose to cheat.

I’m sure the teachers union will defend their right to cheat,
And claim performance standards are impossible to meet.
They’ll have behind them all the press and media elite,
And who would know much better – how to cheat?

The liberal politicians will demand the Congress meet
And allocate more money so the schools can compete;
They’ll want to borrow even more from China and Wall Street:
More funding so the children – learn to cheat.

The President will join the fray and send a thoughtful tweet
Advising prosecutors they ought to drag their feet:
Indictments and subpoenas can quite easily be beat
When government officials – choose to cheat.

Destruction of the culture is by now almost complete
With presidents and teachers engaged in mass deceit.
The need to follow rules and the law is obsolete,
When presidents and teachers – choose to cheat.

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