Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Veggie Plan

The President’s a clever guy,
An Ivy Leaguer too;
He’s got an economic plan
Just right for me and you.

That plan is called the Veggie Plan,
And starts with eating peas:
You take them from some other man
And eat them as you please.

Be sure you only take enough
To leave him almost poor.
I’d venture half, just off the cuff,
Perhaps a little more.

And when he closes up his shop
Or lays off all his staff,
We’ll see that his entire crop
Is used on our behalf.

I think this economic plan
Was tested once before,
By Jimmy Carter, peanut man;
We threw him out in four.

This Carter wannabe would raise
Our taxes and our fees.
Let’s pasture him and let him graze
On grass and goober peas.


  1. He Said “Goodbye”, the loss of a soldier.

    We marched along as a thousand men.
    As brothers, we stood so strong.
    My young friend, from death, he saved me,
    When the snipers sang their song.

    I saw the deadly rounds were coming.
    I was trapped within their path.
    This young soldier shoved me aside,
    As death lodged in his back.

    My dear, I am so sorry.
    As I write with tearful eyes.
    For I could not save my young friend,
    Who, in my arms, has died.

    He said, “Go to my wife and tell her.”
    “Please, tell her not to cry.”
    “Please, tell her how much I loved her.”
    “And that…. I said good-bye.”

    No one ever really thinks of the real price of war. All they see is what is on TV and what is allowed to be seen and heard. When you've family in the military, it becomes personal. I thought you'd like this piece.

    In Peace, Mrs. Bridget Kielas-Fecy

  2. Great poem, you are a very talented Bard!