Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Styrofoam Siege

Forget the debt and deficit.
Forget the raging wars.
Forget the unemployment lines.
Forget the bankrupt stores.

We’ve got important work to do
Beneath the people’s dome;
We’ve got to free the capitol
From things like Styrofoam.

Pelosi and our leadership
Had taken Congress green,
And banned convenient, useful things,
Like poly-type styrene.

The plan cost half a million bucks
With minimal effect;
But Nancy said we’d overlook
Results in that respect.

The point of Greening up the House
Is not the plan’s results,
But how the plan can make us feel:
Like chic and smart adults.

And then came those Neanderthals –
The stone-age GOP –
Who put us chic and smart adults
In the minority.

But feeling good’s worth fighting for:
It keeps us keeping on.
We’ll shout and march and stamp our feet
’Til Styrofoam is gone!


  1. Another one over the fence! Way to go, Bard!!! This blog has become my FAVORITE daily stop on the internet. You are amazingly clever and astute!!!