Friday, July 29, 2011

The San Francisco Savior

I offer this minute critique
Of she who often used to speak
As leader of the People’s House –
The first to wear a skirt and blouse:

You might cut back a slight degree
On words of gross hyperbole,
Directed toward the other side,
Which runs the House you used to guide.

The earth’s rotation will not stop,
Nor will the dome of heaven drop
If half plus one of votes are cast
To get the Speaker’s debt bill passed.

The CBO released its score
With numbers that you can’t ignore:
Despite the cuts in what we spend
Each year the outlays still ascend.

If spending cuts that you condemn
Were likened to a lady’s hem,
Your skirt could still be worn with ease
At least a foot below your knees.

Methinks your heaps of wide-eyed scorn
Are tedious and weatherworn,
And only serve to coalesce
Resistance to your gross excess.

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  1. How can she believe that bakruptcy is a btter option?