Friday, July 15, 2011

The San Francisco Exegete

At her presser yesterday,
Nancy was the first to say
That the patience of The One
Could by Job not be outdone.

Those who read the Good Book may
Think the lady does portray
Attributes that are unfair
When the two we would compare.

For myself, I disagree,
As in both of them I see
Almost perfect symmetry;
A biblical affinity.

Job was forced into the void,
With his house and kin destroyed
By the devil, bane of man,
And his hellish, evil plan.

Has not much the same been done
To the country of The One?
Joblessness and public debt
Have this President beset.

Both our heroes did maintain
Their composure through the pain:
Job would not the Good Lord curse
For the ruin of his purse.

Just the same responds Barack,
Who continues, round the clock,
To ignore the fact we’re broke
While he practices his stroke.

When Obama’s book is penned
There is but one small loose end:
Job endured a trouble which
He would not blame on the rich.

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