Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Popes on the Potomac

The experts at NLRB
Believe they trump the Holy See
In choosing who can claim to be
A Catholic University.

The expertise the Board displays
Now gives me hope it will appraise
A wider range of Roman rules,
Beyond the scope of Catholic schools.

Example one: the Holy Writ
Should get a modern retrofit.
Six dozen books, plus one for show,
Should be reduced by half or so.

And those commandments: five of ten
Should be declared as not a sin
By members of the expert Board
That knows which five should be ignored.

The Board should analyze for flaws
The fasting and abstaining laws;
A ruling from NLRB
Would set a billion Catholics free.

Confession is another chore
The Board could claim we need no more,
Because the only modern sin
Is failure to let unions in.

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