Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Obama’s Passing Grade

Article link: NEA endorses Obama

I heard my teacher, Ms. Dupree,
Spent nine full days as conferee
With all her friends from NEA,

Though nine full days of edu-speak
Would make the average person weak,
The teachers managed to endorse
Barack, the Democrat, of course.

Which brings to mind my early years,
When I fell far behind my peers
Who learned to read and cipher well,
While I was stuck in crayon hell.

My teacher did not seem disturbed,
But Mom and Dad were both perturbed.
Though all my test scores came out wrong,
My teacher said, “Move him along.”

And so I moved through all the grades,
As teachers and their trusty aides
Ignored the scores that I had earned,
And just how little I had learned.

This year I’m set to graduate
And join the welfare nanny state.
I found a job that I can do:
I’ve joined up with SEIU.

Obama’s failure these past years
Apparently has made us peers;
Ignoring all that we’ve done wrong
They say as one, “Move him along.”

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