Sunday, July 3, 2011

Free the Seal!

I’m mortified, but I admit
I’m brainwashed through and through;
I’ve fallen for the holy writ
Of PETA and their crew.

A stronger man with steady heart
Would never cross the line,
But suffering can tear apart
This shallow heart of mine.

Not once, but twice the famous seal
Attempted to take flight,
And in those moments did reveal
Its agony and plight.

And so I say it loud and clear:
It’s time to Free the Seal!
I’ll give my life and my career
To end the seal’s ordeal.

I’ve signed up stars of stage and screen
To pose for pictures too,
Just like the dirty ads we’ve seen
The folks at PETA do.

I’m asking that the courts review
My right and just appeal,
And give the joy of freedom to
The Presidential Seal.

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