Sunday, July 17, 2011

Eight of Ten

The President has stated
That eight of ten agree,
A billion in new taxes
Is what they’d like to see.

I take him at face value:
Barack would never lie,
And no one in the press-room
Has raised a hue or cry.

But I have something better,
To offer as a plan:
Let’s make it voluntary;
Just give the most you can.

We’ll add to our 1040
An extra special line,
Allowing each to donate
A number they define.

If eight of ten are willing
To live with higher rates,
We’ll see increased deposits

Then folks like Warren Buffett,
And billionaires like Gates,
Can open up their coffers
To stratospheric rates.

But count me with the others
Who leave an empty line;
They’ve got sufficient income:
The spending must decline!

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  1. You've solved the problem in 28 lines! Tweeted, re-posted, & linked.