Thursday, July 7, 2011

DEA: Democratic Education Association

Article link: NEA endorses Obama – one year early

We saw this week the NEA
Put on another fine display:
   Endorsing for next year
   The local racketeer.

The teachers union jumped the gun
By picking from a field of one,
   Before the GOP
   Could field a nominee.

Which strikes me as the sort of thing
They might find normal in Beijing,
   But seems a bit unfair
   As democratic fare.

But democratic (lower case)
Is, for the teachers, out of place:
   When power is involved
   Unfairness is absolved.

For power is the currency
The union wants, and willingly
   Will buy with union dues,
   And volunteering crews.

Perhaps the folks from NEA
Should modify their name to say
   What party they obey:
   Just call them DEA.

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