Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Cellblock by the Bay

I plan to move to Frisco soon
Because I hear I’ll be immune
From all the dirty deeds I’ve done
While looking out for number one.

The folks who run the Golden Gate
Do not believe it fair to rate
A felon’s past when he applies
For work in jobs that might arise.

And furthermore, the good folks say
That felons from the Frisco Bay
Should not be turned away when they
Are looking for a place to stay.

The high recidivism rate
That Frisco has endured of late
Is due not to a felon's trait,
But lack of work and real estate.

So I shall move and join the class
Of those that folks cannot harass
Because of race or sex or creed
Or any criminal misdeed.

I’m sure the city’s growth will spike
With thieves and robbers and the like,
And be the place that congressmen
Retire when their term is done.

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