Monday, July 25, 2011

The Budget Do-Si-Do

Get in the mood: Flop Eared Mule by Al Brundage

Do the Budget Do-Si-Do;
Watch the public’s anger grow.
Promenade! First Left, then Right;
We’ve got markets to incite!

Allemande around the room;
Hear the White House cries of doom.
Circle Left to raise the tax.
Circle Right and change the facts.

Now let’s form a Ladies Chain
With McConnell and McCain.
Corner with the Gang of Six,
While they write a budget fix.

Honor Partners, Right Hand Star;
Chances are you won’t get far.
Partners team up with a friend;
Move the goal posts near the end.

Cast Off dancers! Go to Set.
Tell Obama he’s all wet.
Cast Off twice and now Set Square
Pull on Biden’s head of hair.

Move to Foot and move to Head.
Boehner’s plan is nearly dead.
Now go Forward. Now go Back.
Reid is just a party hack.

Promenade around a chair;
Tell the Speaker to beware.
Promenade and pick up speed,
If you favor Harry Reid.

Do the Budget Do-Si-Do.
Tell Obama where to go.
Circle Right and One Below.
Cut and Cap the dough we owe.

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