Friday, July 8, 2011

Ben Nelson: Senator Six-Oh

The Senator known as Big Ben
Believes that in ’12 he can win.
   But people now know
   Big Ben as Six-Oh,
And won’t pull his lever again.

The Cornhusker Kickback debate
Embarrassed the Cornhusker state;
   It showed off his style
   Of horrible guile,
And sealed his political fate.

Just now as the debt crisis grows
He’s putting back on his sheep’s clothes,
   And seeks to pretend
   He’s Right once again
And not with the friends that he chose.

But even so Ben will opine
The Democrat company line,
   By spouting on air
   His Medi-scare fare,
Which now only speeds his decline.

For like a dark shadow, the glare
Of passing Obama’s health care
   Will not be erased
   When voters are faced:
The Senator hasn’t a prayer.

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