Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Barry Had a Little Plan

Barry had a little plan
That made the liberals glow:
With every dime that Barry spent
The sovereign debt would grow.

It grew so large there came a day
He needed all the fools
Within the House and Senate both
To change the spending rules.

The GOP refused to cave
And asked for spending cuts.
Poor Barry cried and stomped away
When Cantor said, “You’re nuts!”

“Why does he love more taxes so?”
The angry public cried.
“To spread the wealth around, you know,”
The One himself replied.

Now Barry has another plan
To shame the GOP:
He won’t send checks to Mom or Pops
For their security.

With every step that Barry takes
The deficit will rise;
To everyone but journalists
This is no great surprise.

The public now waits patiently
To turn poor Barry out;
Another eighteen months or so
‘Til his election rout.

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