Friday, July 1, 2011

Alienation of Affection

I think it a sin that powerful men
Have peregrine, wandering eyes.
Their habits are crass, bespeak lower class,
And often precede their demise.

If hell can’t compare to women who bear
The libertine acts of their mates,
Imagine the scene a jilted machine
Can bring to a man with those traits.

Obama will rue his fickleness to
The Autocue reading machine.
His utter conceit in planning to tweet
Will cause him distress unforeseen.

By harnessing Twitter he’ll surely embitter
His faithful companion and mate,
Who helped him arrange the hope and the change
That won him the White House estate.

I now will predict the thing will afflict
The President, sooner than not,
By changing the text of what he’ll say next;
Extracting revenge on the spot.

Imagine the fun if sometime The One
Would find in the words scrolling by,
An odd little phrase declining to raise
The debt or the money supply.

Or if in the line of text, “I resign,”
Appeared as the sentence to read,
I’d have to construe the mad Autocue
Was paying him back for his deed.

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