Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Tortoise and the Hair

When searching for a head of state,
The trait of your best candidate
Is he who matches personnel
With jobs they can perform quite well.

One such appointment, made in haste,
Concerns the group that seeks out waste
In government, to then assess
Efficient ways to curb excess.

The President, it seems to me,
By picking Joe, his own VP,
Produced a choice that’s deeply flawed
For ending waste, abuse and fraud.

Now I’m a Joe supporter too!
He’s been spot-on since his debut:
As sheriff for the stimulus,
I’d grade him as a strong D-plus.

But to succeed in this campaign
A leader ought to have free reign
To slash and burn with manic zeal
That which ain’t no big flippin’ deal.

Take for example those domains
The government itself maintains:
At least two thousand, I am told,
With websites multiplied eight-fold.

It took the sheriff just one day
To put a website on display:
The ‘Desert Tortoise’ site will go,
By order of our Sheriff Joe.

But one in thousands will not do!
We need some slash-and-burners who
Are happy to incinerate
The waste that sinks the ship of state.

Our search for such should be a breeze,
For we’ve been blessed by throngs of these,
Who hang around the new regime:
Obama’s Economic Team!

Destroying websites is charades;
They’ve done the same for jobs in spades.
And Waste? It’s just like one, two, three.
They’ve managed that with GDP.

It’s time for amateurs, like Joe,
To step aside, for those who know
The way to make the metrics shrink:
The Economic Team, I think.

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