Tuesday, June 14, 2011

People v. Bovine

Testimony of police:

When the cow jumped o’er the gate,
An offense in Granite State,
We arrived at half past eight,
With a plan to end the fete.

Though we had no armor plate,
We attempted to create
The conditions to dictate
Her return to the estate.

Due to massive body weight,
We decided to deflate
The excited bovine mate
With a Taser to her pate.

Testimony of owner:
When the cow jumped over the fence,
Someone called on civil defense.
They were lacking in common sense,
Which played out at the cow’s expense.

In attempting to move her thence,
’Twas injustice they did dispense:
She was Tasered for her offense,
And a lawsuit will soon commence.

Testimony of bovine:

I got, today, a little jolt
When staging my benign revolt.
The shock might cause my head to molt,
But Lord, I ran just like a colt!

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