Monday, June 27, 2011

High Noon at the Oasis

The lions lie down with the lambs
And turkeys relax with the rams,
But nearby, the watering hole
Is spiraling out of control.

The waters continue to rise,
Portending the certain demise
Of fortunes and families who share
The haven, from hippo to hare. 

The ass and the elephant clans
Are warring with contrary plans,
To curb the momentous ascent
Of waters the deluge has sent.

The elephants’ plan would reduce
The water that reaches the sluice,
And using the past as their guide,
They promise the flow will subside.

The asses have come to believe
More water will give them reprieve;
By quickly increasing the flow,
They figure the flooding will slow.

The vultures who handle the news
Hold firmly to asinine views;
Abandoning any pretense,
They come to the asses’ defense.

The rhinos insist that a deal
Be brokered to end the ordeal.
So asses and elephants meet
With hopes that the foe will retreat.

The dodo appointed to lead
Belongs to the asinine breed,
And having the brain of a bird
Is prone to be mad or absurd.

Which causes the elephant tribe
To leave with a humorous gibe
Directed toward dodos with gas,
And lasses of asses, en masse.

Which leaves the oasis in fear,
And wanting the Beast to appear
To quickly resolve the dispute,
Before it becomes too acute.

So how will the flood be resolved?
And when will the Beast get involved?
It seems that there’s no guarantee;
We all must be patient to see.


  1. All of your sardonic verse
    Whether simple or sublime
    My mental fog it doth disperse
    But now I tend to think in rhyme.

    Great stuff, Bard.