Saturday, June 25, 2011

Friedman Is Full…

Article link: Thomas Friedman declares ‘The Earth Is Full’

T. Friedman, the scribe,
Will often inscribe
His worries about the earth:
The loss of the trees,
The coming deep freeze –
And couples planning a birth.

It seems we consume
Too much to presume
Our resources can withstand,
Another new soul
That might take a toll
On oceans, on air or land.

We're all on the hook
It says in a book
That Thomas recently read.
We better all change
Or earth will arrange
Tornadoes to strike us dead.

We've crossed a red line
That soon will consign
Our lifestyle to its grave.
We've taken enough
Of trinkets and stuff,
And now it's time to behave.

Behaving now means
We’re rid of machines
And factories that pollute;
And we must forswear
Attempting to bear
A child, if we’re astute.

As you may have guessed
Tom L. has been blessed
With treasure beyond his needs.
The size of Kuwait,
Says focus on words, not deeds.

When Tom makes his pitch,
The paper on which
The Times prints his every word,
Comes at the cost
Of foliage lost
And tree-felling, undeterred.

No Pulitzer Prize
Can make a man wise
Or save him from brain disease.
But if he should pick
To follow Ehrlich
And Malthus, his brain will seize.

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