Friday, June 17, 2011

Features of the Perfect Chair

Ms. Deb’s the Democratic Chair
And what a Chair is she.
She’s got the features one would want
If one a chair could be.

A decent chair sits on a Base
That’s wide and resolute.
In politics a bigger tent
Is sought by the astute.

But class warfare brings down the house,
No matter how unfair.
You’ll be the perfect Chair.

Gas Lifts to raise a body up
Are needed in a chair.
In politics a civil tongue
Would raise the spoken fare.
When speaking on health care?
Our civil discourse took a hit;
But she’s the perfect Chair.

A Swivel on a modern chair
Is not a luxury;
It’s often a requirement
Of functionality.

And no one did a pirouette
Like Deb on Weiner’s snare;
She’s quite the spinning Chair.

But Casters are essential too
When distances are short,
To move a body out from here
To there without support.

Ain’t somewhere way out there,
Then Debbie ain’t the perfect choice
As DNC’s new Chair.

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