Friday, June 24, 2011

Expect The Unexpected

With unemployment rising
Let’s see the Press’ View,
     And hear Barack apprising
     Michelle of what he'll do.

Good Lord! That’s Unexpected.
Oh, My! How Unforeseen.
     I won’t get re-elected
     With data this obscene.

It’s Unanticipated.
It comes Out of the Blue.
     We’ve been too dissipated,
     Now ruin will ensue!

Let’s call it Unpredicted,
Surprising and a Shock.
     I’m sure we’ll be depicted
     As amateurs, post hoc.

Forgive me, I’m Astonished,
Bewildered, Stupefied!
     George Bush must be admonished,
     His fault can't be denied!

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