Friday, June 10, 2011

Carbon Conundrum

This much I can say of the camel,
That even-toed ungulate mammal:
   While drinking he slurps,
   Then belches and burps,
With breath bad as burning enamel.

Few things in this world are as scary
As one overfed dromedary,
   Whose methane release,
   Doth carbon increase,
Which makes the Green Party contrary.

For Cap-n-Trade Aussies now clamor.
And leftists? They bask in its glamour.
   But Cap, to be strict,
   Means not ‘to restrict’;
For camels it means: Drop the hammer!

A PETA-led flash mob was started
And down to Australia departed,
   Proclaiming the worth,
   From Sydney to Perth,
Of all of the camels that farted.

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