Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Algore Mash

With apologies to Bobby Pickett and Leonard L. Capizzi, writers of Monster Mash

I was surfing on the web late last night
When my eyes beheld an awful sight:
Algore had posted another address
Warning the climate was under duress.

     He warns of change
          He warns of Climate Change
     It causes mange
          That will hurt us long-range
     It makes us strange
          And it’s here at close range
     He warns of change
          He warns of Climate Change

Algore cried out for Science and Reason,
Charging us all with evil and treason.
His missive was long and full of details,
But quickly glossed over those darned e-mails.


Algore is quite happy to guarantee
The pristine folks of the Academy.
I hear what he’s saying but all the same,
I know that those boys have skin in the game.


But Algore will keep doing what he can
Working out details of his grand game plan;
His pockets keep growing as he can see
A mountain of cash on the climate tree.


Some folks say he’s crazy, and some say weird,
But I say Algore is one to be feared.
Just a reminder, so you don’t forget:
Before Climate Change he made the Internet!


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